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This is a batch of crystals that we are selling for my friends estate. There are over 300 pounds to dispense of; and we are offering these for $15.00 per pound plus shipping charges. There is a $5..00 minimum charge per crystal, versus the "per pound" charge. (Crystals up to 4 oz. are $5.00 each.) There are "twins" tabbys, (flat, tabular) double terminated, regulars, and some 3 to 5-into 1, also. Tell us what you need and we will do our best to fill your requests. Bear in mind that these a "b-quality" which means that they may have minor chips; and they are not water clear. Some weigh up to 4 pounds each!

Natural quartz crystals. $15.00 per pound. Please state desired sizes.


15.00 per pound


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